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If you think your great grandparents were crazy, let me tell you about mine.

At age 90, my great grandmother, Catherine Noonan (known as Katie) wanted the nurses to know how to do a proper Irish jig. So she showed them. And died in the process.

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Anonymous asked: I just wanted to say thank you for translating Danganronpa/Zero~!

No problemo

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I can’t believe this. All the people in my class are laughing about a guy getting raped and saying “he would have enjoyed it”

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Komaru’s left arm… I have a bad feeling about this-

gabrsmuffins asked: could you explain to me Jin and his daughters relationship?

Okay, so to explain this it took a bit of research, forgive how long it took me to answer you! It’s been a while since I read anything DR related…

So to start off with Kyouko definitely resents her dad, she absolutely cannot forgive him for abandoning her and her family. As a child I think she was brought up in an environment where she was literally surrounded by detectives and she was led to believe that she needed to continue the line of great detectives since she’s a Kirigiri. Her father went directly against his blood and decided not to be a detective, this was an absolute betrayal. I think the entire family viewed this as a betrayal. So Kyouko would have grown up surrounded by people who hated her father, who she had not seen in years.

So yeah, she definitely hates him. It may not have been because of him not being there, but because she was surrounded by family members who probably wouldn’t forgive him for not being there.

 He hated his family, so he ran away from home.

Looking at what she said, he might not have agreed living as a detective. People always strive to do what they want, and sometimes that thing doesn’t agree with their family.

 I was just about to cut him away from my life… Stop being the girl who was thrown away…
 That’s why… I went to all the trouble coming here to meet him…

Kyouko came to Hope’s Peak in order to prove to her father that she was fine without him. She was a strong, independent teenager who don’t need no father.

Jin on the other hand feels immensely proud of his daughter. He may have abandoned his family, instead choosing Hope’s Peak, but I wouldn’t say he’s a complete lost cause. 

In Dangan Ronpa 0 we see the tale from his perspective, at least briefly.

“Is that really so strange?” Kirigiri replied bitterly, “I’ve been doing as much as I can. After all, the blood of the great detective family flows in my veins-”

Look at that bitterness. So very bitter. I don’t think he agreed with the idea of being a detective, he hated the idea of being under the shadow of the great kirigiri family.

The eyes that glared at criminals, that spied, that could detect any secret. His own daughter glared at him with such eyes, Kirigiri’s mouth slackened.

As to be expected, she has the talent of the Kirigiri family!

What a wonderful talent!

 He makes it pretty clear that he’s proud of his daughter, he mentions briefly that he was ashamed of leaving his family, but I think he was incredibly proud of how she had turned out.

I think if given the chance, Jin would have done anything to repair the relationship with his daughter. Though I doubt Kyouko would have ever given him the chance. 

Not necessarily a great character, he had a lot of fangirls though (you know, it’s the Edward Cullen complex) Square was sure to gain a lot of money from making a game about him. Plus, he had a good backstory that wasn’t really explored at all prior (probably because he’s an optional character, so it’s a waste of space adding in scenes to really feature him at all)

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Okay, father has lent to me his DVDs of…

The Flash complete series (you know, the really old live action one, I’ve promised him I’ll at least watch the episodes with Trickster)

Justice League Doom

Justice League, Crisis on Two Earths

Justice League, the New Frontier

Right now I’m just desperate for flash related media.

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I just bought a copy of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! I’m sooo excited for that gaaaaaaaaaame



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